About Us

Featuring Steve Christensen on guitar, Liz Grove on keyboards, John Lynch on drums, and James Miller on bass, Cone of Silence has been an active part of the State College music scene since its formation in 2012.  They have gained a strong local following by fans who appreciate their high level of musicianship, choice of deep cut tracks, and commitment to great sound quality -- all in an atmosphere of irreverence and fun. 

The band member’s initial collaboration started as a labor of love to recreate iconic progressive rock songs by bands such as Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas and Jethro Tull.  Their set list grew to include classics from the 60’s and 80’s, resulting in a musical show full of eclectic songs and surprising sonic pleasures.  You can hear classics by Pink Floyd (Sheep, Comfortably Numb, Time,) the complex and layered sounds of Yes (Tempus Fugit, South Side of the Sky, Starship Trooper,) the jazz-influenced structure and harmonies of Steely Dan (Aja, The Fez, Kid Charlemagne,) or maybe even the entire backside of the Beatles “Abbey Road.”

Cone of Silence has played at all eight Bob Perks Cancer Benefit shows since its inception.  In 2019, band members Liz Grove & James Miller produced “ACRES of Music, The Music of Woodstock” at the State Theatre which raised over $25,000 for The Acres Project.   In addition to their monthly Tuesday gig at Zeno’s, 2020 shows include performances at the Grange Fair, the Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair.  

In 2021, band members Liz Grove and Steve Christensen opened Pine Grove Hall, a restaurant and live music venue located ten minutes outside of State College.  Cone of Silence played through the Fall of 2021 and will have regular shows at PGH in 2022.  Check out Pine Grove Hall's website for their live music schedule.