About Us

Cone of Silence is a State College, PA band formed in 2012 when a jam session fortuitously drew together guitarist Steve Christensen and keyboardist Liz Grove with drummer John Lynch.  Fueled by a mutual interest in bands such as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Traffic, The Beatles and Steely Dan, the jam session soon became the basis for a new project.

" 'Steve and I had played together in a few bands that focused on progressive rock,' remarks Liz.  'We were inspired by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this genre of rock to try it again.' "   John had played with bassist James Miller before and it turned out that James, too, had a similar musical bent.  The trio became a quartet.  

Out of stints with many local bands including Trixie Neptune, The Earthtones, Spider Kelly, Funkhouser Road and JR Mangan Band, this newly formed quartet has evolved into a listening band with a passion for playing seldom covered songs for an appreciative local audience.